Isidore Umbrella Repairer.

Isidore, repair umbrellas.

Isidore is one of the Malagasy people and life in general that does not save. Nevertheless, he, like so many others, do not let down and search by all means a way (to) live and earn a little money in order to initially feed her children and her itself. For families precarious as it is a vital issue in everyday life. In a second time, if he has a little money earned, he can use it to buy some useful objects or for leisure, which means they are not very numerous.
Thus he was born the idea of ​​repairing umbrellas and it's been over ten years since it lasts.
He traveled at least one weekly 45 km on foot from village to village in the country to offer its services. And what service! Having had the chance to take a whole day on the tour, I can assure you that it has acquired great skill and ingenuity to repair umbrellas! MacGyver had better watch out!
During the day, on average repair a dozen umbrellas that bring him just 3 €. You should know that during the dry season (April to October), there is much less work in the field and then saw other small jobs.
It is common that it does not eat lunch and leave the money to his children "three dependents" for the latter can!